Our Services

Chogon Properties offers tailor-made real Estate marketing services in Nigeria and opportunities which is second to none in the industry. We’ve always believed that there’s nothing more important than owning a home; this is why we focus on helping people find the home of their dreams and choice based on budgets. We have the largest real estate network of independent marketing consultants marketing our properties.

We specialize in Property sales in Lagos Nigeria, Estate development and management services in Nigeria. Over time we have developed capacity to broker real estate deals in Nigeria. We sell and manage service apartments and Estates in Lagos that meets your budget and class. We specialize in the sale lands and houses in Lagos Nigeria, offers flexible payment plans and great incentives to make property acquisition easier to our teeming customers in Nigeria

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Lagos and Nigerian in General with up- to- date data on prevailing price trends. We also advise our clients on the best methods for effectively showing and marketing their properties for optimal results.

Facility & Property Management


Chogon Properties have a proven track record in the real estate management services in Nigeria that optimize resources for investors across all our properties in Lagos Nigeria. We don’t just acquire and sell properties in Ibeju Lekki Lagos; we provide constant monitoring and supervision for our clients. We care about our investors, our priority is to help our clients take full charge of your investment – we manage the relationship between landlord and tenant and strive to identify new opportunities that will create value from your portfolio.

Having a real Estate investment without proper real estate management skills is futile, but with Chogon Properties, your investment is safe and secure.

At Chogon Properties, we believe that being ‘Good with Maintenance’ is a key part of successful property management. Maintenance ranges from routine, regular upkeep – such as cleaning services, litter-picking and Estate gardening services – to long term major works, and are all aimed at keeping the premises in good repair, so protecting your real Estate investment and making the Real Estate development a great place to live.

We will, on our client’s behalf carryout duties relating to the efficient management of your property in the following areas.

  •         Negotiate your Property sales, Property leases and Property renewals.
  •         Tenant selection to establish a reputable tenant base for the property.
  •         Legal advice on covenant to be incorporated in leases through our lawyers.
  •         Organizing repairing and maintenance of facilities within the property to include security, cleaning, gardening etc.
  •         Estate Management Services and Property maintenance, also manage the services of electricians, plumbers, gardeners, security personnel and other maintenance technicians and suppliers
  •         Advise and liaising with local authority officials on payment of taxes, Land use charges in Nigeria, land rates levies in Lagos and premiums that falls due for payment.
  •         Preparations of schedule of dilapidations/conditions and facility inspection services to establish tenants or landlord accrued repairs and effect such works as and when due through proper communication channels within and outside the property.
  •         Arranging for car stickers for Estate residence for ease of Estate security check and tallies for Estate visitors.
  •         Periodic report on state of affairs at the property to the resident association, property occupants and landlords as the case may be.

Real Estates Development

At Chogon Properties Ltd, one of our core responsibilities is making your dream home come true. With our passion for connecting people with their dream properties, we are working towards reducing the housing deficits in Nigeria by providing the ultimate real estate development experience for our clients. To this effect, we have come up with a strategy to help our clients build their dream homes in our various estates across Nigeria.

We acquire lands, finance real estate deals, develop and build or have builders build projects, create, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. With our team of professionals,

At Chogon Properties, we believe that everyone is capable to become a Landlord with proper planning and guidance, you are guaranteed optimum real estate development.

real estate development

Real Estate Investment

Real estate is the basis of wealth creation and guarantees huge returns on investment; therefore, every person who invests in real estate adopts the surest and safest method of becoming wealthy. However, this involves huge capital outlay that investors require proper guidance of experienced and versatile professionals to ensure safe, secured and profitable investments.

At Chogon Properties, we boast of well tested and experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in sales of varieties of properties to advise clients on real estate investment strategy, transaction structure and portfolio selection

We have an investment portfolios designed for you to generate massive returns within six calendar months through our land invest programs and projects.

real estate investing